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Tremor of People is a sound-video-narrative-action work that includes diverse moments of the process and development of the research on all those unfinished buildings in the periphery of Madrid and other cities.The work has his origin in a narrative impulse materialized as a typed instruction in 3 chapters. The idea was born during a research on architecture and crisis, eviction and other issues that emerges from the crisis of values. From this encounter between a never born architecture impacted against human corporal energy materialized in vibrations, emerges a kind of figure that reveals the real state of forces between a system (as architecture, structures) and human power (shout, step, kick, hit). The action was performed in Ensanche de Vallecas (Madrid) during January 2013. 12 persons participated. The action was recorded with video; the sound was recorder with a contact microphone that collected the noise produced by the vibration of the materials.

The display of the elements exists as a precarious assembly with found materials, supports and media.

Tremor of People 1, 2, 3 (detail)

Typed text on paper.


1. Tremor of people

2. People shaking a building

3. A group of people gathered near Madrid, around some of the abandoned buildings or constructions that have been suspended.

The Group enters the building and get distributed throughout the site. They start kicking against the ground so the rumor is expanding it’s wave and intensifying its strength.

The tremor of the building is registered with a seismograph.

The group leaves the building in complete silence

Tremor of People /French Version (Installation at Gallery Dukan)

Video projection, sound, headphones, wood, metal, typed text on paper, print and cardboard.


Tremor of people (Madrid 2013)

Audio, headphones, typed text on paper and photos.


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